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CC89 3on3 Hockey formed in 2013 has partnered with and will be operating the 3on3 by Adam Bennett league for the 2014 season. Under new CC89 management the 3 on 3 league by Adam Bennett plans to expand and develop a new vision that will lead to more fun, development and most important evenly balanced play. Cory Conacher a second-year sensation in the NHL who has played for Tampa Bay, Ottawa and Buffalo says that 3 on 3 Hockey gives players from Houseleague and Rep leagues the chance to develop their skating using wide open ice, practice their one on one stick handling and long distance passing skills.

We will maintain the best of Adam Bennett values from over 10 years of 3 on 3 play. Former NHL hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers, and 2008 inductee of the Halton Hills Sports Museum developed 3on3 Hockey vision of a spring/summer hockey league with a focus on skill development, competiveness and fun for the kids.

3 on 3 Hockey

CC89 3on3 hockey is best described as "organized pond hockey", where kids can develop their skills in a spring/summer league that emphasizes fun and competitiveness to a certain level. Many NHL players developed their skills playing pond hockey on frozen lakes and ice rinks of other kinds. Everybody makes the playoffs, unique rules, including no icings, contribute to a fast, exciting pace and this wide-open format promotes creativity amongst players of all skill levels.

In 3on3 hockey, each team has three skaters and a goalie on the ice at a time, giving players considerably more time to skate and handle the puck. To keep the emphasis on fair play and fun, there are balancing rules for equal competition (see balancing section) post-season round robin playoffs allow everyone the chance to play in the championship game.

CC89 3on3 Hockey leagues run from May to August depending on location and games are typically played on weekends (except holiday weekends; where possible this cannot be guaranteed).

Our leagues are currently available from novice to midget ages. Players register as individuals but we do accept 'play with' requests and team requests of up to six (6) players (plus a Goalie) and every effort is made to accommodate the players.

Benefits of 3 on 3 Hockey

Cory Conacher says with the additional time and space, players will see BIG improvements in the following areas:

  • Stickhandling & puck control
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Skating
  • Conditioning
  • Creativity
  • Ice vision

Come see the difference 3on3 hockey can make in your game. You won't want to play any other way!