Thanks for your interest in NASHA (North America Spring Hockey Alliance) and Spring Hockey in general. For more information you can connect directly with our website by clicking here, if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Director Mark Hetherman at  or call at 289-259-5721




The North American Spring Hockey Alliance (NASHA) has been developed to align all the Spring Hockey Teams that have developed over the past few years.

Spring and summer hockey leagues are the hottest trend in Ice Hockey and have been launched in most Canadian and USA hockey markets. The increase in popularity has been driven by year-round demand for hockey programs from both players and parents.  Based on the increased demand there is a tremendous opportunity to offer kids enhanced hockey skills.

To this point, Spring Hockey has developed through demand in individual markets, and although many private leagues have had success there is little doubt that spring hockey develop a new legitimacy in North America if it was fully sanctioned by an organization that could add important features including, but not limited to, player insurance.

A governing body that is focused solely on Spring Hockey would fill a critical need because of the unique features that Spring Hockey provides to players, relative to typical winter hockey leagues.

In the future NASHA will have constitution and by-law documents to guide the organization and operate with full transparency on behalf of all its members.

Parents often sign their children up for spring programs thinking they are insured by the league they play for in the winter.  Normally, this is not the case. NASHA brings a comprehensive insurance policy that includes liability, individual player, coaches, and volunteer coverage for Spring Hockey teams/programs.  It will be available to all teams who register with NASHA and pay a memberships fee.


                                                                      Our Vision

"NASHA is a sanctioning organization for Spring Hockey and will provide leadership, unique player and coach development programs, education, as well as insurance to participants. NASHA is recognized as a leader and innovator and will align the teams that are Spring Hockey in a common direction."


                                                                   NASHA's Mission

NASHA is working to elevate Spring Hockey to national prominence with its alternative style of practice versus game development.  With the backing of NASHA, Spring Hockey can develop its limitless potential and will be recognized as the #1 provider of players to the NCAA, Junior Hockey and the NHL.



All decisions made on behalf of NASHA and its member leagues (teams) will be communicated openly through our website.


                                                                Credibility and Integrity

All commitments made by NASHA on behalf of the membership will be acted upon in a timely fashion.  We will assess all our general programs by surveying membership annually and again after each NASHA work shop/meeting to implement feedback and continue improving our organization.


                                                                  Open Communication

We emphasize an open-door policy regarding questions about NASHA's actions.  We will have a 48 hour policy to respond to inquires from our membership.


                                                                     Hands-on Support

We provide our experience and expertise in areas such as team/program logistics, tournament selection, program support, and professional/industry contacts, to new or existing organizations to assist in the development or creation of a Spring Hockey program.


                                                                          NASHA Will:


  • Over time develop and implement Coaching certification programs specifically designed to train coaches in proper player skill development.
  • Increase participation by marketing and promoting the benefits of Spring Hockey and building relationships with member leagues and other partners.
  • Build capacity by developing, supporting and delivering programs, tools and services (including volunteer development) for member leagues
  • Increase opportunities for excellence by developing an elite program
  • Be an advisor to families and players
  • Provide a positive hockey experience in a safe, competitive, development environment
  • Encourage all participants have respect for team mates, coaches, and referees
  • Negotiate partnerships with organizations across Canada to provide dry land training, on ice skill development schools, and scholarship preparation.